Meet the Author

Jacob Morgan 
is the principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group, a management consulting and strategic advisory firm on collaboration. Chess works with organizations which are looking to leverage emerging technologies and strategies to improve how they work and do business with their employees, partners, or customers (which you may have seen referred to as enterprise 2.0, social crm, or social business). Jacob leads strategy at Chess Media Group and provides the vision for how companies can achieve the greatest business value from their collaboration initiatives. Jacob also develops partnerships, business opportunities, and focuses on long term growth and strategy for Chess Media Group.Jacob is the author of “The Collaborative Organization” which is the first strategic guide for executives and decision makers seeking to deploy emerging technologies and strategies in the workplace (published by McGraw Hill, due out July 9, 2012).

The book has been endorsed by top executives such as the CMO of Dell, CEO of Unisys, CEO Geneys (and former EVP of Alcatel Lucent), Co-founder of Salesforce, SVP at SAP, founder of Craigslist, CEO at AVG, SVP of Wells-Fargo, the chairman of the MIT Sloan Review and several others.