Jonathan Becher, CMO of SAP

Everyone knows that the future of work is engaged employees who collaborate to get things done but struggle to figure out how to get there. Jacob’s book is a valuable strategic guide to help leaders deploy emerging collaboration technologies and strategies to “get there.”

Darren Entwistle, CEO of TELUS

At TELUS, we believe passionately that our culture is key to sustaining our competitive advantage and that open and clear communication fosters meaningful engagement and spirited collaboration. This book guides organisations on how to properly implement collaboration tools and strategies to obtain that competitive advantage.

Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of MIT Center for Digital Business and co-author, Race Against the Machine and Wired for Innovation of Chair of the MIT Sloan Management Review

“Most business leaders understand how critical collaborative tools are to the success of their companies. What they need now is a guide, based on hard data and practical experiences, that shows how to put those tools to work. Jacob Morgan fills that need with this book.”

Craig Newmark, Founder of craigslist and craigconnects

“Many organizations have lots of people disconnected in different silos, and these folks know a lot and could get lots more done if they had a way to “connect the dots.” “The Collaborative Organization” helps you get that done, talking seriously about the culture of collaboration, useful tools, and realistic advice about overcoming organizational barriers.”

Nathan Bricklin, SVP-Head of Collaboration Strategy of Wells Fargo

“A fresh, honest and actionable guide to internal collaboration. The Collaborative Organization delivers practical insight into what it takes to successfully launch, maintain and evolve the initiatives that are designed to address collaboration challenges unique to your business. A valuable read.”

Paul Segre, President & CEO of Genesys and Former Alcatel-Lucent EVP

“The rise of social and collaborative technologies is driving a new type of business conversation. Jacob’s book provides valuable insights on how companies can evaluate today’s options and implement successful strategies and solutions to seize this opportunity.”

Denis Edwards, Senior Vice President, Global Chief Information Officer of ManpowerGroup

“ManpowerGroup recognizes that in the Human Age, it is people that power the world of work and people are capable of much more when they collaborate to achieve their goals. Jacob’s book provides an excellent strategy guide for other companies that recognize the power of collaboration in the workplace.”

Dickie Oliver, VP Global IT of Yum! Brands

Yum! Brands recognized early on that using social platforms designed for collaboration and integrated into employee work environments was non-negotiable. Jacob’s book is a must read for leaders of organizations who also recognize that employee collaboration is not an option but a requirement to succeed in today’s world.

Parker Harris, EVP and Co-Founder of Salesforce.com

“New social and collaborative tools are causing an industry shift to the social enterprise, changing not only the way people work but also the way businesses engage with and delight their customers. Morgan has created a comprehensive strategic guide to help ensure these new tools and strategies succeed within the enterprise. A valuable resource for executives and decision makers.”

Ben Haines, CIO of Pabst Brewing Company

Organizations cannot succeed without engaging their employees and connecting them to each other and to the information they need to get their jobs done. Leaders cannot succeed in building this type of a collaboration organization without this book.

Derek Burney, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft

“There are many collaboration resources which talk about the value of collaboration and why it’s important. But I’ve found only one resource which actually walks leaders of organizations through how to deploy collaborative tools and strategies effectively. That resource is this book.”

Walton Smith, Principal of Booz Allen Hamilton

“Jacob understands that it is not about the technology it is about the people. If you have employees, this book will help you set the strategic foundation needed to engage your employees and foster collaboration so that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.”

Alistair Rennie, General Manager, Social Business of IBM

“Social behavior is not new. What’s new today is the emergence of platforms to allow communities to come together, to share ideas, expertise, and a sense of purpose and trust. Jacob’s book provides the roadmap for how to build this kind of a collaborative organization.”