Bulk Orders

I’m more than happy to help facilitate any bulk orders and connect you with the right people over at McGraw Hill who can make your bulk order very easy and efficient. Bulk orders are great to give away to prospects or customers on webinars or at conferences. They make great lead generation and marketing vehicles as organizations add their own marketing collateral brochures inside the book or add stickers to the cover. For the price of what most companies pay for a whitepaper your organization can get around 500 full strategy guides.

Special bulk offers

30-minute phone call
with you and/or your team

A 30 minute phone call with you and/or your team to discuss anything you want around collaboration. We can go over some challenges you are having, look at some of your favorite technology vendors, or perhaps explore the business value for your organization. Great for small businesses or individuals looking to get on the right path with collaboration.

Open discussion on collaboration
with your company

I’ll do an open discussion with your company via phone/webinar platform around the concepts and ideas in the book for 45 mins. We can cover pretty much anything you want around collaboration whether it be risk mitigation, strategy development, or employee adoption and engagement.

45 minute prepared webinar
followed by 15 minutes of Q&A

I’ll do a prepared webinar on the topic of your choice as it pertains to collaboration. The webinar will be 45 mins followed by Q&A for 15 minutes.

2-hr strategy session
in person or via web platform

Two hour strategy session either in person or via web platform for your team. We can pick a topic of your choice that pertains to the situation you are currently faced with at your company. Travel and expenses not included.

Half-day Strategy Session
with plenty of great discussions!

A half-day in person strategy session for you team. We will have plenty of great discussions around collaboration, explore some relevant case studies, and put together some concrete action items for your organizations. Travel and expenses not included.

To discuss any other bulk order ideas or to get help on fulfillment of your order contact me; jacob (at) chessmediagroup.com and I’ll be happy to help.