About the Book

I believe that Collaborative Organizations can make the world a better place. We keep talking about and hearing about the value of collaboration for businesses but that’s selling it short. Collaboration can positively impact the lives of people inside and outside of the workplace. If we can create greater engagement among employees, make their lives easier at work, connect them to people and information from anywhere, and provide a place of growth and learning then we go far beyond just business benefit. Employees will feel less stressed out at work and at home, argue less with their spouses, feel a greater sense of purpose and belonging at work, and have more time to spend with their loved ones and families.

I realized that while this idea was unique and powerful it was not enough to drive action within the enterprise. I knew that in order to go from idea to action that business leaders needed something more. This is why I wrote The Collaborative Organization which is the first comprehensive strategy guide to emergent collaboration in the workplace. This book was written not just to benefit the organizations but the employees as well.

The book is supported by data from a research project that Chess Media Group (my firm) conducted and includes dozens of case studies as well as mini guest contribution pieces from executives and leaders who are leading collaboration at their organizations. Inside this strategy guide you will learn:

  • How to map uses cases to feature requirements
  • How to evaluate and select the right collaboration tools for your organization
  • How to structure collaboration teams to lead this initiative
  • How to deploy tools and prioritize features
  • How to gain and sustain employee adoption
  • Measuring success
  • How to evaluate your organization’s maturity in collaboration
  • How to structure governance
  • How to market and roll out this initiative to your company
  • How to evaluate and mitigate risks
  • and much more

Vivek Kundra, Former Chief Information Officer of the United States of America
“In today’s global economy collaboration is key to building a connected, engaged, and sustainable organization. Jacob’s book guides leaders on how to develop strategies to build this type of a ‘Collaborative Organization.’

Jonathan Becher, CMO, SAP

Everyone knows that the future of work is engaged employees who collaborate to get things done but struggle to figure out how to get there. Jacob’s book is a valuable strategic guide to help leaders deploy emerging collaboration technologies and strategies to “get there.”

Karen Quintos, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Dell
“Jacob’s book gets to the very real issues that companies of all sizes, in all industries continue to face. Social and collaborative tools are certainly part of the picture, but Jacob’s book goes beyond this to look at true enterprise-wide collaboration that is inextricably tied to business strategy.”